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      My electrical for vanity lights are set.  I can tell that my vanity sinks won’t align to these boxes already.  I see that there is a video entitled “Install vanity light with a plastic electrical box”,  however, there is no video there.  Or, at lease I cannot access it.  I had an electrician install these boxes and I didn’t have vanities picked out yet, so he used his best guess.  After drywall, the width of that wall will be 59 inches.  I am using two 28 inch single vanities that will but up against each other.  I realize there will be a 1 1/2 inch space on each end, but I plan to have the vanities sealed together.  Should these electrical boxes be moved before I put up the drywall?  Right now they are at 10 inch on center from each wall.  I think they should be 14 inch on center from each wall.  Bottom line, do lights have to be center above the sinks, should they be?

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      Steve White

      I would definitely recommend centering the boxed above the sinks. Most light fixtures these days only have a 4″ back plate on them……I think the days with the long bar type of lights where the wire can pretty much come in anywhere are out….

      And with the space being 59″ after drywall is installed is a pretty common problem…..and does make it tough finding vanities that fit.

      There are a lot of 60″ vanities that the actual vanity is 59″

      I sometimes have to plane down a side of the cabinet to fit in place.

      This vanity is 59″


      Now if you get a pre-made top with it….this will require cutting it down. This can be a challenge if the walls are not even all the way across. You could always hire a granite or quartz place to custom make a top for you


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