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      Several questions today:

      1) finished 90% of the tiling last night at 1:00 am, until there was no more space to move.  How soon (hours) can I get in there to lay the last seven?  With minimal stepping, walking.

      2) I saw on your video that you should knock out the T locks 24 hours later, two days later is bit too long.  I guess they are a bit harder to get out later.  I’ve also seen a few days later is ok.  To knock them out, I need to walk on the tiles, which relates to the first question.

      3) I dry fit all my tiles and they all fit perfectly.  Except ONE tile is tight to the wall.  It’s already set.  Should I angle grind the edge a bit?  Is it a big deal to be tight, when all the rest have 1/4 inch reveal?  This particular tile is up against a wall with the vanity sitting in front of it, it will not be seen.

      4) how long until last tiles are set can I grout?

      I used Ditra, Schluter All Set, 6 x 24 tiles, 1/4 x 3/8 trowel.


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      Steve White

      Hey Melissa

      Things are looking good!  Very neat and clean job too

      And since you are so neat and clean, I’d say timing of removing the clips probably won’t matter. And I would  recommend giving it at least 8 hours before walking on it. And same when to start grouting fresh tile

      Only reason I recommend knocking out clips next morning is because the thinset isn’t super hard and is easier to clean the joints.

      As far as the tight tile….With a smaller floor like that and being porcelain, I personally wouldn’t worry too much about it. Try to scrap out what ever thinset is beside it. Cutting the tile would be a pain and probably end up compromising your waterproofing

      Marble and large floors are where that is a bigger concern





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      Thank you!

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