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      Hey Steve & Jeff,

      I’m in the middle of watching the tiling videos, now that I’ve gone through everything before that and although the explanations are nice, it’s a real bummer that there is no close-up, detail footage on any of the procedures. Just to hear a person explain that they are doing this… because of that….. while the camera is positioned too far away to truly see what they are talking about is a bit of a bummer.

      Again, I realize that you boys aren’t professional cameramen or videographers, but should things truly start going the way you want them to go, I would STRONGLY suggest enlisting a professional cameraman so that we not only see stationary shots, but detail shots, close-up so that we can not only clearly see the complications, defects and corrections you talk about in the videos, but not suffer with out-of-focus footage when you hold something up close to the camera or some other reason.

      Thanks again for the lesson.

      Eden Vaschon – USMC

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      Thanks for the feedback

      If you have any specific questions about your project let us know


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