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      Hello Steven Jeff,

      I am using the KBRS NEO Angle shower pan.  I know that I need to shim my studs for the Kerdi board to slide into the pan correctly without placing pressure on the shower pan flange.  Maybe my question is silly, but won’t I need to shim the studs were my drywall will be placed.  Otherwise won’t it be offset and not lined up correctly with the Kerdi Board I am a complete newbie to any type of remodeling I have never done drywall before.


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      Steve White

      Great question Kayse,

      And the answer is yes.  You will need to fur out all the studs on wall that butt up to  pan

      This is why it is best to have all the drywall removed entirely around the shower area.  Otherwise you would have a 1/4″,or what ever sized furring strip size,  unevenness from drywall to kerdi board

      I personally like buying a piece of plywood and rip down 2″ strips to nail or screw over studs.  Its usually the cheapest way to go


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