Gap between Kerdi board and top of tub.

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      I’ve liked Americast tubs and went with the one with integral overflow after seeing it in your video. I’m also using Kerdi board for the first time. I used stainless screws and washers and pinched the flange of the tub onto the studs to secure it. The Kerdi board comes right down to the top edge of the tub flange. That’s a huge gap to fill between bottom of Kerdi board to get a flush surface for the bottom row of tile. I saw in your video that you used a huge amount of Kerdifix and then thinset the Kerdiband. Will the Kerdifix sag down and out onto the tub surface? Will it keep the bottom surface flush so the tile doesn’t want to settle inwards? What am I missing here?

      I noticed in another video that you shimmed out all the studs with 1/4 inch ply. It’s kind of late now for me to do that.

      Any help would be appreciated. Great videos!!

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