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      What are my trimming options once I have the shower surround (Delta Classic 400) screwed in place to the studs? Any reference videos on that by chance?

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      Steve White

      What do you mean by trim?

      Won’t you be installing drywall and finishing to the surround?

      Similar to what they have in stock photo on surround. (pretty cool shower doors for that model!)

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      Well, yes, but I didn’t know if there actually were other options with these types of surrounds (some kind of manufactured trim as a transition to tile or to drywall). Do you have any tips/videos for “installing drywall and finishing to the surround”?

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      Jeff Patterson

      Thanks Steve for asking, we have several videos showing different tips. Typically we recommend using a corner bead and applying waterproofing over top that if it extends into the shower. Do you have any pictures of your shower?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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