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      Thanks for the great resource here! I have a specific question with an Archer tub installation. I am installing the tub along the side of a small bathroom. The caveat is that one of the sides and the foot of the tub are against walls that need fireguards. I just dry fit the tub today and I have about 1/2″ of gap at the foot of the tub.

      I live in a townhome and from how I understand the code, I need a firewall on the outer edge of the home as well as between the separate residences in the townhome.

      Is there a way recommended way to tackle this problem? I just need another 1/8″ to make the fireguard fit along the foot of the tub.

      Second part:

      I saw in your Archer tub installation video you had open access to the ABS pipe below for the drain assembly. I have attached a picture that shows the tub dry fitted and you can see that I will only have the gap provided by the studs to reach down and do the drain installation. Would it make more sense to try to do the installation backwards instead?

      For example, I would install all of the drain assembly (after measuring three times to ensure it’s perfect) and then lay the tub on top of that and connect it. Your thoughts?

      Thanks for the help!


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      Hey Chris

      Been there with the fire code deal!   You can notch the studs in the area of the flange on the opposite wall of the firewall to get that additional 1/8-1/4″ needed. I would recommend keeping the 5/8″ drywall off of the firewall till tub is set and then slide it down behind tub flange when everything is plumbed and done

      And you have the right idea on setting the tub with no access. Its a pain to line things up and constantly be lifting the tub up to adjust things.  Just try to account for the 1/8″ or so that each piece of pipe will sink further into fittings when actually glued

      And if you plan to set with mortar, make sure you mix it pretty loose (easily pourable) so that you are not fighting the mortar when setting tub



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