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Hey Steve,

Thanks for your response. I’m watching you in these videos and you’re totally rockin it dude!  I’ve been doing tons of handyman work for hundreds of clients over the past 6-7 years and I’m about to graduate from a trade school for carpentry here in New York. Soon after, I will obtain my Home Improvement Contractor’s license and embark on a new career of kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Two major concerns when remodeling in this area are the large number of super old buildings and tons of scrappy patch work and renovations that have been done on them. Many units here have 3-4 levels of drywall on top of plaster on top of brick in a wide variety of combinations. Virtually no room in any building is plum or square unless the building is brand new. So I’m anticipating asking many questions in the future about fixing joists in old co-op buildings, with separately owned condos.

My trade school covers basic industry practices for building new single family homes, (carpentry, plumbing and electric), as well as important local and nationwide building codes which are essential to us. However, it does not specifically address the finer points of home renovation. There are tons of shady contractors here who take people’s money and do shoddy or incomplete work. As a USMC veteran, I am determined to soak up as much knowledge as I can from other industry professionals to always do my customers right.

So the two questions that I have for you are:

a)  Why do you use mortar on the sub-floor for the Kohler Acrylic Archer Bathtub, but not for the American Standard or the Bootz Steel?

b)  Why did you drill through the tub and into the studs for the Kohler Acrylic Archer and not for the other two? (Was that just to show different ways of installing a tub? Can these procedures be mixed and/or swapped randomly?

Thanks again,

Eden Vaschon