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Hey Edward,

Ya, they definitely hacked that joist all they way through!

So I would probably take a grinder and cut the flange in a few places to the pipe (being careful not to cut the actual 90 degree elbow) and then smack the flange off with a hammer.  It should come off fairly easily since its soldered with lead.

Then install the plywood, tile underlayment, and tile closely to the waste pipe.

After tile you could then install a push-in type flange that will sit on top of the tile (you will need to drill holes through tile to anchor screws into subfloor)

I like these push in type since it has adjustment screws to tighten the rubber gasket to caste iron


Just curious, are you planning to replace the galvanized water supplies everywhere? I would recommend that while you have everything opened up.  Galvanized will eventually fail….