Reply To: Curbless shower

Steve White

Hey Ward

Looks like some good progress!

So if you are meeting up to a 3/4″ finished floor outside of bath

the strata mat and tile will do just that (give or take an 1/8″)

The thickness should be 1/4″ stratmat +1/4″ thinset + 3/8″ porcelain tile = 7/8″ (give or take an 1/8″ on thinset thickness)

Are you installing a large format tile (larger than 12″ x 12″)  I suggest using at least a 1/4″ x 3/8″ square notched trowel and back buttering tile.

Now for the wedi pan area the the stratmat thickness, you will want to feather thinset and apply the wedi subliner to waterproof the transitition. This will result in a little bit of a steeper slope at the transition…..but that is usually a helpful thing in keep water flowing into shower

I always recommend with a curbless shower, to do all the main floor first and then the shower pan tile. This way you can build up the thinset required to get the mosaic floor tile to meet up even with the main floor tile (about impossible if you started with the shower floor)