Reply To: Curbless shower

Steve White

Looking rock solid Ward!


Sharkbites are awesome!  But at least here in PA code does not allow them to be buried in a wall or anywhere you do not have access to it.

I personally have never had an issue with any sharkbite (other then when I reused a cap dozens of times and wore out the “shark” part of the fitting)

and I have used them in many areas that you can see them…..but may never be able to replace or doing anything with them without redoing a lot

So its really up to you, code, and really how comfortable you are with them

I agree the crimping tool is an expense…..but with as much of what you are redoing, I’m not sure how much cheaper it’ll be?  most of those sharkbite fittings are $5-8

This pex crimper won’t make this decision any easier, but is my favorite one.

The ones you get at the box stores are okay…..but kind of cheaply made and sometimes harder to square up and crimp correctly. Probably the more economical choice if not planning to do a lot more pex projects