Reply To: Curbless shower


Cool, I figured out how to add more than one pic to a post. Well my progress is slow but steady. I have all the openings I can do for now until I do my plumbing and framing. I went ahead and added ledger (don’t know the proper name) to the ends also. Might be over thinking it but I didn’t like the idea of the ends of those floor boards unsupported between joist, especially on the entrance side. used a trusty jig saw and sawzall to make the cuts around ductwork and drain pipe.

More questions. A good friend recommends using shark bites to go from copper to pex. His reasoning is that with pex you have to have a $60 tool and with shark bite you just buy the ends even though more expensive it will be less in the end, the ease of reaching under the floor and pushing them on would also be easier than trying to reach under there and soldering, and he said he thinks the leakage chances are the same with either. He used Shark bites on my water heater and I haven’t had any problems. Your thoughts?