Reply To: Curbless shower


Well, something always trying to mess up my direction. I went to the place that sells WEDI and the guy there said they can get it for me but they are putting it on the backburner. Then he proceeds to tell me about a new system from a company called Laticrete that is a very similar system to WEDI. All is sounding very good and much cheaper til we look and their (Laticrete’s) shower pan and it is 2″ thick. How would they expect you to make a curbless system? Answer is that they offer a ramp. I explain that it’s not what I’m looking for and I can’t recess my floor that much. So it looks like WEDI is still the route. They are giving a contractor demonstration mon on a complete Laticrete built shower and he invited me to go to that so I’m going to check it out since they are very similar and it will give me an live almost hands on before I do mine. I guess I will order my WEDI shower pan that day. Always something. 🙂