Reply To: Curbless shower


So I’m at work now, I know but I’m in maintenance and when the building is running we are in a holding pattern waiting for something to happen.

So back to the story. My wife finds a guy and we have him stop over and show him what we have in mind. He seems willing and able so we agree to start soon. He has us stop by a business and look at so products. Well when we get there the woman he has us speak to acts like she doesn’t know him, hasn’t heard of us, nothing. So now I have a bad feeling. I mope around a couple days then start looking at videos on YouTube. That’s how I found out about BRT, and WEDI. Well I talk to that contractor again and he is very upset that I’m not going to use him and wants me to meet him at the business, so I do. I really believe after meeting him there and confronting the woman that she was really trying to steer us to another contractor and was in a sense screwing this guy over. But by this time I’ve decided to do most of it myself. I’m going to hire him to do some other jobs and possibly do the tile, we’ll see.

I wish I had better before pics but I’ll share what I have and my ideas. I’m not scared if you have idea or I’m doing something bad wrong speak up. I have a video but I don’t know if I can upload it that shows a walk through with ideas, I’ll try to post it here.

So I’m starting with basically a 14’x14’ area. Half was the laundry room and half was my bathroom. We had a 5’x8’ walk-in closet that is going to be a curbless/doorless shower and where the fiberglass stand up shower was I’ll be adding a door and going trough into the laundry room and taking about half for the new walk-in closet.