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Demo Your Bathroom

Set a solid foundation for your remodel’s success.

The cornerstone of any successful bathroom remodel is a complete demo. You must inspect your electrical, framing, and plumbing in order to start properly. What’s the #1 thing to do before beginning…don’t learn the hard way. Get the lowdown on removing tubs, showers, vanities, mirrors, tile floors and tons of tips to make this as simple and safe as possible.

Install a New Bathtub

Create a relaxing bathtub experience…and one that doesn’t leak!

It’s vital that before you spend tons of money on a beautiful bathtub you know how to install it properly, by that, we mean NO leaks–so that you can have a relaxing bathing experience. Learn why it’s vital to use 100% silicone for certain fittings, see how to prevent P-Trap mishaps, learn how to solder the mixing valve and install the tub spout & shower arm, understand how to frame a custom niche, and discover the power of planning ahead for grab bars.

Waterproof a Shower Surround

Design a bathtub or shower surround that’s 100% waterproof.

Once your bathtub or shower is framed and in place, it’s time to add value by installing tiles. BUT the first step is to add building panels that can make your walls 100% waterproof. Don’t make the classic mistake of believing cement board is waterproof…it’s NOT. Learn how to make your surround a long-term oasis with either cement board or KERDI-BOARD, you can choose which you like best and which works with your budget.

Tile a Shower Surround

How to strategically and intelligently tile your shower.

Get the biggest WOW factor from your remodel by tiling your shower. You can do this the smart, intelligent and methodical way and follow the advice of a seasoned tile setter. There’s no better way to increase the perceived value or your remodel by having a stunning shower with beautiful tile. See how to install large format tiles with a gorgeous mosaic that insists on asking the question “why did I wait to do this?”.

Build a Walk-In Shower

Create a safe, seamless, and reliable walk-in shower that will last the test of time. 

The best shower in the world is useless if you can’t use it when you reach the golden years. From start to finish you’ll see every step necessary to build a lasting walk-in shower. Plus get the scoop on one of the easiest waterproofing methods out there today that allows you to tile the same day!

Tile Your Floor

Perfect the process of tiling floors with trade secrets even some pros don’t know.

Tile floors have been around for centuries and there’s a good reason. See how to prevent your tile from cracking via Schluter’s DITRA then learn how to install a tile floor from beginning to end with all the juicy details included. When it comes to tiling you’ll want to understand how to plan your layout, get perfect grout joints, and have a level floor–don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and share trade secrets that are rarely seen in books.

Toilet Removal and Installation

Take the guesswork out of toilet installation.

Is there anything worse than a toilet leak? Learn to remove your old toilet without spilling a single drop of dirty water. Then replace your toilet with a shiny new one with our step-by-step tutorial. Plus: learn priceless tips on how to stop a running toilet, avoid toilet bowl leaks, replacing shutoff valves and more.

Replace a Vanity & Sink

Add a new dimension to your remodel with amazing hardware.

The sink and vanity can make or break the first impression of your bathroom. Especially if they’re the first thing people see when they walk into your new space. Set yourself up for success by learning how to remove a faucet, install a new vanity & sink or pedestal sink, fix leaks, and even get bonus tips on how to unclog pipes.

Update Electrical Switches & GFCIs

Let your electrical inclinations shine (literally).

No doubt most homeowners are a bit apprehensive to tackle electrical in a bathroom. View these videos to see basic installation of a bathroom fan, timer switch, dimmer switch, GFCI outlet, vanity light and more. Learn how to stay safe and get tips you can use in other rooms around the house.

Doors & Walls

Finish off your remodel with a bang by taking care of the essentials.

We show you how to paint straight ceiling lines, fix paint bleeds, paint behind toilets, fix drywall, adjust doors, and more. It’s the details that count and we promise to help you see exactly how to do it the right way.




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