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Basement Curbless Shower for BRT

Over 325 tutorials in our Video Library focus on every major facet of bathroom renovation.

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  • Curbed Shower Master Course
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These online courses are sequential and step-by-step, meaning they show all the steps required for the specified showers. Each tutorial has written instructions, time stamps for easy reference, and detailed supply lists.

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Jeff Patterson and Steve White are remodelers in Pittsburgh, PA with over 30 years of combined experience with bathroom building. They’re trained to install Schluter, Wedi, Laticrete, KBRS, and tub shower combo shower systems. Steve is also a Certified Tile Installer through the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation.

Jeff and Steve

“As I began my project, I had so many questions. I watched several videos on YouTube but when issues came up I didn't know where to turn. That was when I joined Bathroom Repair Tutor. When I ran into problems they answered very quickly and I was able to continue working. Thank you Jeff and Steve!”

— Diane Fernandez

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Demo Tutorials

See how to safely demo bathtubs, showers, floors and more. You’ll learn which tools make demo easier and faster.

Shower Valves

Learn how to easily install shower rough-in valves using copper and PEX. We cover code requirements, the best valves, and how to install them quickly.

Bathtub Installation

See how to install bathtubs and connect the plumbing. Learn the proper way to set tubs so they drain properly and don’t crack or leak.

Waterproofing Shower Walls

Learn how to waterproof shower walls using Cement Board, KERDI, KERDI-BOARD, GoBoard, Hydro Ban Board, Wedi, and more. You’ll see important tips for preventing mold growth and water leaks.

Curbless Showers

See how to build curbless showers using concrete, Schluter, VIM, and Wedi methods. In addition, you’ll learn important steps for waterproofing the entire bathroom and making tile setting much easier. Finally, there are several videos showing how to build Schluter heated showers, which are fantastic!

Curbed Showers

Learn how to build curbed showers using KBRS’s Tile-Basin or ShowerSlope, Schluter, and Wedi. In addition, see how to properly set shower curbs so they work properly and seal against walls.

Tile Shower Walls

See how to tile shower walls using 12x24s, subway tile, porcelain, and more. Plus, learn to set mosaic accents, tile shower benches & niches, install glass corner shelves, and much more.

Tile Shower Pans

Learn how to set tile over curbed or curbless shower pans. You’ll see how to plan the layout, what tools make it easier, and how to set tile so that it won’t crack or fail.

Tile Bathroom Floors

See how to waterproof bathrooms floors with DITRA, DITRA-HEAT, liquid membranes, and more. In addition, you’ll see how to set tiles, make them flat, and properly bond them to substrates using the right tools and materials.

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What's in the Video Library?

Bathroom Repair Tutor’s Video Library has over 325 tutorials that show step-by-step how to remodel bathrooms. Here’s the list of tutorials

Why should I join Bathroom Repair Tutor?

There’s a lot of bad advice from ‘professionals’ on the internet. And here’s the deal, if you make one mistake, it can ruin your project. We follow industry guidelines set by the Tile Council of North America and Ceramic Tile Education Foundation.


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When you join you’ll get a username and password in a Welcome email. Log into Bathroom Repair Tutor from a phone, laptop, tablet or desktop. Then conveniently stream videos and get the help you need.

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All members have Lifetime access to the Video Library. You can view the videos today, tomorrow, or next year. There are no monthly or annual fees. You pay one time and get a Lifetime membership. We like keeping it simple.