“I joined BRT because there are a lot of videos out there, some good, but also a lot of bad ones. I wanted a straight forward guide that explains in detail the procedures and products that would fit my situation best. BRT guided me from start to finish with no waste of time. And if I had questions I could get quick help on the Facebook Group.”

— Victor Lecoffre


“I originally came across Bathroom Repair Tutor while searching YouTube for bathroom renovation ideas. I was initially hesitant to pay to join but I am so glad I did. Previously I had done a lot home improvement projects but never something as large or complicated as a whole bathroom remodel. I had also never worked with tile. The instructional content taught me how to do the job correctly and gave me the confidence to take it on. Jeff and Steve were exceptionally helpful when I had questions or came across a problem. I was amazed at how fast they responded and their personal advice was invaluable.”

— Rich McVeigh




“Probably like most people, we had a couple bathrooms to remodel. In one bathroom, we wanted to remove a cast iron tub and build a curbless shower. The other bathroom is a Jack & Jill we wanted to update with new counters, tile, plumbing and lighting. I’m pretty handy but I don’t hold myself out to be a carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc. I was looking for a place I could go to find out, not only how to do things, but also which order I should do them and options for different products that might make things better and easier. I ran into Bathroom Repair Tutor and discovered it had absolutely everything I needed - great instruction and videos on everything from demo to tile. I had never worked with PEX or used Wedi’s shower system but after watching Steve work his magic on several projects, and explain how to perform each step, I felt I could successfully remodel our bathrooms. Along the way, there were a few times I was stumped so I emailed Jeff and Steve and received recommended solutions almost immediately. Both bathrooms turned out great but without Bathroom Repair Tutor, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to do everything myself. You have created a “one-stop” shop for everything bathrooms. Your site is very easy to navigate and seems to anticipate the questions people will have as they move through their projects. Thanks very much for a great resource!! ”

— Keith Swart


“I'm a fairly skilled D.I.Y.'er, but the renovation of our children's bathroom was among the larger projects I've done. From the demolition, tub, tile and vanity installations Jeff and Steve were there. I felt confident in the project, but it was nice knowing they would provide that extra bit of expertise to make it a successful project that our friends envy and we are so proud of.”

— Anthony Raynor

Diane’s Master Bathroom


“Instead of moving, my husband agreed to let me remodel my master bathroom. I had tiled before so I knew I could handle it. NOT THE SAME! I used the Wedi shower system (I highly recommend it, especially for someone that can't lug bags of cement up 2 levels). As I began my project, I had so many questions. I watched several videos on YouTube but when issues came up I didn't know where to turn. That was when I joined Bathroom Repair Tutor. When I ran into problems they answered very quickly and I was able to continue working. The tutorials/videos were amazing and guided me through each phase of my project, step-by-step. The communication back and forth was priceless. They offered recommendations and solutions to all my issues. It took 'us' about a month from start to finish, but the results are amazing. Thank you Jeff and Steve!”

— Diane Fernandez