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Jeff Patterson

Ah man, sorry about that. I apologize. Sometimes we answer questions via email and I wasn’t sure if Steve did that for you. We’re still getting use to the new Forum. CONGRATS on your training!!! Huge high five and accomplishment, you should be proud. Always feel free to post here or send us emails, either is good.

Steve started a mammoth project right about the time you posted your question, so I’m sure he just missed it.

I saw that video you mentioned and many professionals disagree; tile floors should be very difficult to remove, and in fact they should last decades. His assessment doesn’t make sense and is wasteful, i.e. assuming people will want a new floor every 5-10 years.

We recommend setting tile per industry guidelines, TCNA, and ensuring the subfloor doesn’t deflect, there’s an isolation membrane like DITRA (and that is installed per Schluter directions), and tiles are backbuttered for 95-100% thin-set mortar coverage in wet areas. Our buddy Sal DiBlasi doesn’t like that installer, and for good reason, lol