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Yeah I called Moen. $90 for a shower valve and there’s no volume control.

What about those prefab fiberglass tub/shower surrounds? I notice that you don’t use them in your videos and I’m beginning to understand why. The woman who owns the bathroom I’m working on bought one of these abominations from Home Depot and I’m puzzled how to make it work with the plumbing. The faucet mixer valve has a thing called a plaster guard that’s supposed to mount on the outboard face of the shower wall but I have to estimate where that wall will be because it’s not flush with the studs. I’m trying to rough in the plumbing but I don’t really know what I’m doing and the installation instructions aren’t much help. Seems obvious that the the valve has to float a bit to account for the uncertainty of location of the shower surround but it’s attached to the tub spout pipe which must be rigidly grounded and cannot float. The Moen instructions just shows wooden blocking supporting the tube between the valve and the spout. Looks to me that it’d be a minor miracle if this stuff fit together – the slightest adjustment of the valve would make the spout tube out of level. Is this really that difficult or am I missing something?