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Steve White

Hey Dan

We would be happy to help you with your order and drop ship what you need.  The prices will be identical to what KBRS has on their site (let us know if for any reason that is not the case….)

There’s no problem at all to use redguard for the waterproofing of cement board. The KBRS shower basins all come fully waterproofed, and will not matter what kind of waterproofing you use for wall.

However, for warranty issues from either company, its usually best to stick with one brand of waterproofing.  I mix things all the time, just know if there is a problem for any reason, you’ll have to have a representative of each company come out and assess things.


The KBRS shower kits are super affordable IMO. Only thing to keep in mind, its best to buy an additional gallon of the sealer for the wall board.  To get 2 coats on everything you will need it

let me know if you need help with the order