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Steve White

Great Question!

I think the best method and order to tile a shower is to:

  1. Install the shower floor tile
    1. This will allow any imperfect cuts to be hidden by the wall tile
  2. Install wall tile on wall that is best suited to hide cuts and keep corner joint hidden from view
  3. Install other side walls and curb
    • Done at the same time or in a tiling session

4.  Main floor tile (can be done really anytime if installing a shower with a curb; with a curbless entry, start with installing main floor tile)

5. Finish side of curb to main floor

And with your Neo- angle configuration. It will be easiest to install the curb after the wall tile is set and then simply butt the solid curb top to the tile. keeping the angle cuts to fit closely is more important than trying to cut the wall tile over the curb top. And in this circumstance, it would be best to have the wall tile extend a 1/2″ or so past where you curb will end, so that the curb will look nicely butted to it.

What was the kind of tile you plan to install? Does it have a bullnose?

Any clarifications let me know