curbless shower master course 

Build beautiful curbless showers step-by-step

course description

This course is for Contractors and DIYers who want to build custom curbless showers in basements or second floor bathrooms.

By the end of the course, you’ll learn everything you need know to build amazing curbless showers that stand the test of time. This includes framing the shower pan area, installing prefab and mud pans, waterproofing, tile setting, and more. Check the outline below for a full breakdown of the training.

Jeff Patterson and Steve White are remodelers in Pittsburgh, PA with over 30 years combined experience with bathroom building. They’re trained to install Schluter, Wedi, Laticrete, KBRS, and tub shower combo shower systems. Steve is a Certified Tile Installer through the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation.

Jeff and Steve

course Curriculum

Module 1: Build Basement Curbless Showers

Basement Curbless Shower for BRT

  • Lesson 1 Shaping Shower Pans with High Strength Concrete (8:13)
  • Lesson 2 NuHeat Floor System Over Concrete and Self-Leveling (16:17)
  • Lesson 3 Build Mud Curbless Basement Shower Pan with Linear Drain (20:58)
  • Lesson 4 Waterproof Shower Pans and Walls with KBRS ShowerSeal (23:09)
  • Lesson 5 Tile Bathroom Floor with 12″ x 24″ Porcelain and T-Lock (16:31)
  • Lesson 6 Tile Curbless Shower Pan with Porcelain Mosaic (16:27)
  • Lesson 7 Tile Main Shower Wall with 12″ x 24″ Porcelain and Glass Mosaic (24:14)
  • Lesson 8 Tile Side Wall with 12″ x 24″ Porcelain and Glass Corner Shelf (9:40)
  • Lesson 9 Tile Plumbing Wall with 12″ x 24″ Porcelain Tile (15:34)
  • Lesson 10 Grout Shower Pan Mosaic and Floor with Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA (8:01)
  • Lesson 11 Grout Shower Walls with Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA (12:38)
  • Lesson 12 Caulk Shower Corners and Ceiling Transition (2:07)

Module 2: Build Second Floor Curbless Showers

VIM Curbless Shower with Subway Tile

  • Lesson 1 Install GrohFlex Rough-In and Handheld Valve with PEX (19:06)
  • Lesson 2 Subfloor Framing and VIM Curbless Shower Pan Installation (25:01)
  • Lesson 3 Waterproofing Shower Walls and Window with Hydro Ban Board (19:29)
  • Lesson 4 Waterproofing VIM Curbless Shower Pan and Bathroom Floor (30:12)
  • Lesson 5 Tile Bathroom Floor Part 1 – Layout and Design (13:44)
  • Lesson 6 Tile Bathroom Floor Part 2 – Setting Tile with T-Lock (18:41)
  • Lesson 7 Tile Curbless Shower Pan Part 1 – Setting VIM Drain (5:27)
  • Lesson 8 Tile Curbless Shower Pan Part 2 – Dry Layout and Design (7:24)
  • Lesson 9 Tile Curbless Shower Pan Part 3 – Setting Marble Leaf Mosaic (14:41)
  • Lesson 10 Tile Shower Walls Part 1 – Essential Tools and Materials (6:06)
  • Lesson 11 Tile Shower Walls Part 2 – Planning Layout and Design (5:46)
  • Lesson 12 Tile Shower Walls Part 3 – Setting Subway Tile to Window (12:05)
  • Lesson 13 Tile Shower Walls Part 4 – Setting Subway Tile Left of Window (18:55)
  • Lesson 14 Tile Shower Walls Part 5 – Setting Subway Tile Right/Above Window (16:44)
  • Lesson 15 Tile Shower Walls Part 6 – Setting Subway Tile on Plumbing Wall (16:56)
  • Lesson 16 Tile Shower Walls Part 7 – Setting Subway Tile/Shelf on Last Wall (8:21)
  • Lesson 17 Grout Subway Tile Walls with Laticrete Permacolor Select (11:16)
  • Lesson 18 Seal Marble Leaf Mosaic Shower Pan Tile (4:18)
  • Lesson 19 Grout Shower Pan and Bathroom Floor with Permacolor Select (5:16)
  • Lesson 20 GrohFlex Trim Kit and Handheld Shower Installation (15:01)
  • Lesson 21 Sealing Shower Corners and Transitions (14:13)
  • Lesson 22 Install DreamLine Frameless Glass Shower Door (20:48)

course benefits

  • Designed for Both Contractors and DIYers
  • Step-by-Step Videos for Mobile and Desktop
  • Detailed Written Instructions with Video Time Stamps
  • Tile Council of North America Methods and Standards
  • Learn At Your Own Pace Before or During Renovations
  • Tool and Material Recommendations for Solid Installations

“After searching through countless and confusing ”how-to” videos on YouTube, I came across Bathroom Repair Tutor. Jeff and Steve put together a plan of action for me that made a complicated process simple to understand. I now have an amazing bathroom and am confident in my newly acquired skills. Thank you Jeff and Steve! ”

— Chris Ferrer

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Common FAQs

What's in the Curbless Shower Master Course

This Curbless Shower Master Course shows step-by-step how to build curbless showers over wood and concrete.

The first Module shows how to build a curbless shower over concrete using high strength concrete, cement board, and a liquid waterproofing membrane. In addition, we deep dive into tiling this shower using vertical 12×24 porcelain on the walls and mosaic on the shower floor as well as adding glass corner shelves and a beautiful glass mosaic accent.

The second Module shows how to build a curbless shower over wood using VIM’s curbless shower pan, Hydro Ban Board, Hydro Barrier, and Stratra Mat. Furthermore, you will see how to tile the shower using 3×6 subway tile, add a glass corner shelf, and install a frameless glass shower door.

For a full description of each Course scroll up this page.

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