Grohe Euphoria Mixing Valve

Getting Started

Grohe is a solid option for the shower mixing valve and trim kit. The picture on the main page of this course shows the finished look of this system.

The first thing you need are all the plumbing supplies.

Click here to see all the supplies we used for this project

You need to buy the rough-in or mixing valve for the Euphoria; our model is nice because it has the integrated stops. We used PEX for this shower valve, which makes it super easy to install.


Assembling the Valve

Apply teflon tape clockwise to the threaded fittings of the valve. Then thread the 1/2″ male PEX barb fittings to the four ports on the valve; hand tighten then use pliers to tighten them 1/2 to 1 full turn.

Set 2×4 blocking in the wall such that it’s at least 30″ from the shower head port (3:25), and 82″ above the subfloor. Use 3″ deck screws or nails to attach the wood blocking in the stud wall.

We set the mixing valve roughly 48″ above the subfloor and centered on the plumbing wall at 22″.

Double check the finished wall is within the markings on the blue guard on the valve. Steve does an excellent job explaining how to do this in the video.

We added the 90 degree elbows to the PEX connected to the valve before securing the valve to the stud using cement board screws. Add crimp rings to the PEX before dry fitting the pipe on the barbs. Crimp the PEX and leave 1/16″ to 1/8″ pipe showing between the ring and fitting.

Also crimp the PEX drop elbow to the PEX before securing it to wood blocking with cement board screws. Center the drop elbows over the mixing valve, e.g. 22″ in this example. The last thing you need is for the shower head to be offset from the mixing valve, that’s a BIG mistake!

Temporarily remove the blue plaster guard from the valve and turn on the water (do this with a buddy!). Check all the fittings on the valve and throughout the PEX pipe for water leaks. Pressurize the pipes and turn the integrated stops counterclockwise to check water flow.

Watch our video for all the details

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