Build tile tub shower combos and Get amazing results


How to Build Basement Tub Shower Combos

A Step-by-Step Online Course  

The internet has plenty of videos that show bad installation methods. Everything from improper tub installation to bad advice on tile setting. This can lead to cracked tubs and tiles, failed plumbing, and costly repairs.

So we built this course to show the proper techniques for building basement tub shower combos. Everything you need for a successful project is inside our videos and written instructions. And if you have a questions we’re just an email away.

Bathroom Repair Tutor has helped over 700 people with custom bathroom remodels. And the reason we’ve done that is because we care – it’s corny but true.

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ild Basement Tub Shower Combos

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Module 1 - How to Prep Subfloors for Leveling

See how to properly prep subfloors before self-leveling

Module 2 - How to Self-Level Bathroom Floors

See how to professionally self level bathroom floors

Module 3 - Bathtub Installation

See how to install bathtubs in basement bathrooms and connect plumbing

Module 4 - Moen Mixing Valve Installation

See how to install Moen mixing valves with copper and PEX pipes

Module 5 - How to Waterproof Shower Walls

See how to quickly waterproof shower walls with Hydro Ban Board

Module 6 - How to Tile Shower Walls and Niches

See how to tile shower walls with stacked subway tile, add a shower niche mosaic, and use Schluter metal profiles

Module 7 - How to Grout Shower Niches

See how to grout shower niches using a maintenance free grout infused with Kevlar

Module 8 - How to Grout Shower Walls

See how to grout shower walls in less than 30 minutes

Module 9 - How to Caulk Shower Walls

See how to properly caulk showers and learn what materials are the best for basement bathrooms

build tile tub shower combos and get amazing results


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Common FAQs

Why should I get the course?

We love the YouTube but there’s a lot of bad advice from ‘professionals’.

And here’s the deal, if you make one bad mistake it can ruin your project.

We follow industry guidelines set forth by the Tile Council of North America and Certified Tile Education Foundation.

Plus any time our members have a question we promptly answer them via the Private Facebook Group

Our course is a great place to learn the right skills and get constant feedback during your bathroom remodel.

Which Membership is the best for me?

Each Membership has unlimited access to all our videos.

Gold Level Memberships are for those who just need help with a curbless basement shower.

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How do I get the videos?

When you join you’ll get a username and password in a Welcome email.

Log into Bathroom Repair Tutor from a laptop, phone, and tablet.

Then watch videos and read tutorials, simple.

Can I ask questions about my project?

We provide feedback on videos and basic questions but for more detailed assistance members are can join the BRT Platinum Membership.