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What is Bathroom Repair Tutor?

Bathroom Repair Tutor is an online membership site for homeowners doing a master bathroom remodel. Our step-by-step videos and one-on-one support make DIY bathroom remodeling easier. You’ll save money, avoid costly mistakes, and learn tons of great tips.

Even if you’re a beginner we can help. Plus, if you have questions we’ll answer them via email or in our Private Facebook Group.

Jeff Patterson and Steve White Co-Founded Bathroom Repair Tutor in 2015 for homeowners starting a DIY master bathroom remodel.

What makes Bathroom Repair Tutor different from YouTube?

We follow the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) guidelines and share those methods in all videos. And our tutorials are full of details, yet easy for anyone to follow.

Second, we care. That might sound funny, but it’s true. The world needs more people who actually care about each other. We take great pride in helping our members make their homes a better place for themselves and their families.

Finally, we provide one-on-one customer support for members. Instead of searching the web for the answer you can get one from us.

Get Your Dream Bathroom

We’ve made over 100 videos for Bathroom Repair Tutor. And they’re all in one spot. We’re proud of our students who’ve gotten amazing results, saved thousands of dollars and transformed their old bathrooms into amazing spaces. Check out Becky’s before and after photos!!

Becky's Shower Before and After

And Rob’s new bathroom

Rob's Before and After

If you’re starting a master bathroom remodel you’ll love BRT!!

What You Get:

Design and Layout Advice

One-on-One Customer Support

Over 100 Step-by-Step Videos

Special Bonus Guides (Limited Time)

30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

Demo Your Bathroom

Set a solid foundation for your remodel’s success

The cornerstone of any successful bathroom remodel is demo and inspection. You must inspect your electrical, framing, and plumbing in order to start properly. Get the lowdown on

  • How to start a bathroom remodel
  • Bathtub and shower removal
  • Glass door removal
  • Vanity and mirror demo
  • Tile floor removal
Bathtub Installation

Create a relaxing bathtub experience…and one that doesn’t leak

It’s vital that before you spend tons of money on a beautiful bathtub you know how to install it properly. See how to

  • Properly dry fit a new tub
  • Assemble bathtub plumbing and mixing valves
  • Install steel or fiberglass bathtubs
  • Frame custom shower niches
  • Insulate shower walls, add blocking for grab bars & more
Waterproof a Shower Surround

Design a bathtub or shower surround that’s 100% waterproof

Once your bathtub or shower is framed and in place, it’s time to waterproof. Learn how to

  • Set cement board on tub or shower walls
  • Properly install drywall next to cement board
  • Waterproof cement board with Ardex 8+9
  • Install KERDI-BOARD, Wedi, or GoBoard shower walls
  • Waterproof windows & custom niches with KERDI-BOARD or Wedi
Tile a Shower Surround

How to strategically and intelligently tile your shower

Get the biggest WOW factor from your remodel by tiling your shower.  See how to

  • Start the tiling process
  • Tile around a shower niche
  • Add Schluter profiles to frame a shower niche
  • Install glass mosaic accent tiles
  • Tile the inside of a shower niche with glass mosaics
  • Cut holes in tile for mixing valves, tub spouts and shower heads
  • Grout shower walls in less than 1 hour
Build a Walk-In Shower

Create a safe, seamless, and reliable walk-in shower that will last the test of time

From start to finish you’ll see every step necessary to build a lasting walk-in shower. You’ll learn how to

  • Install VIM or Wedi curbless shower systems
  • Add Wedi or KBRS curbed shower systems
  • Install American Standard, Delta, Grohe, & Hansgrohe mixing valves
  • Add Delta body spray system for Spa-Like experience
  • Plan the tiling process for a curbless walk-in shower
  • Tile shower niches for a custom feel
  • Tile shower pans and curbs like a professional
Tile a Bathroom Floor

Perfect the process of tiling floors with trade secrets even some pros don’t know

See how to prevent your tile from cracking via Schluter’s DITRA then learn how to install a tile floor from beginning to end with all the juicy details included.  You’ll learn how to

  • Install DITRA underlayment and waterproof a bathroom floor
  • Complete step-by-step installation of DITRA-HEAT heated floor system
  • Add Hardiebacker to a wood subfloor according to TCNA guidelines
  • Layout and plan a wood plank tile floor to get great results
Toilet Removal and Installation

Take the guesswork out of toilet installation

Learn how to remove your old toilet without spilling a single drop of dirty water. Then replace your toilet with a shiny new one with our step-by-step tutorial. Learn how to

  • Remove a toilet without spilling a drop of water
  • Install a new American Standard toilet
  • Adjust the closet flange to avoid leaking toilet bowls
  • Replace an old shut off valve
  • Fix running toilets
Vanity & Sink Installation

Add a new dimension to your remodel with amazing hardware

The sink and vanity can make or break the first impression of your bathroom. Especially if they’re the first thing people see when they walk into your new space. Set yourself up for success by learning how to

  • Install a new vanity & sink
  • Add a pedestal sink & faucet
  • Unclog sink drains and clean stinky pipes
  • Fix leaky faucets
Electrical Switch & GFCIs Installation

Let your electrical inclinations shine (literally)

No doubt most homeowners are a bit apprehensive to tackle electrical in a bathroom. View these videos to see basic installation of a

  • Bathroom fans
  • Timer switches
  • Dimmer switches
  • GFCI outlets
  • Vanity lights and more
Drywall, Doors & Paint Installation

Learn how to completely drywall a new bathroom

Drywall can be a challenge but we share several tips that make it easier. Plus we have invaluable painting tips. You’ll see how to

  • Install drywall on stud walls
  • Add drywall to ceiling joists by yourself
  • Paint straight lines to get great results
  • Paint behind toilets
  • Fix drywall, adjust doors, and more.

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  • Over 100 step-by-step video tutorials
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  • 24 Hour Support via Our Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to ALL Videos and Courses
  • Over 100 step-by-step video tutorials
  • Save time and money with our expert help
  • 30 Day RISK-FREE Guarantee

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Common FAQs

Are there monthly or annual fees?

No, there are no extra monthly or annual fees.

Lifetime Memberships are a one-time payment of $249 with no monthly or annual fees.

There’s no need to cancel a Lifetime Membership as it’s yours for life.





How do I get the videos?

When you join you’ll get a username and password.

Login to Bathroom Repair Tutor from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Watch the videos from our website on any of those devices.


Why should I buy your course? The internet has tons of great videos.

We love the internet.

But do you really know if the person you’re watching knows what they’re doing.


We have several videos with Steve White who’s a professional bathroom remodeler.

Plus, you get access to our Private Facebook Group where Steve and Jeff (The Founders of Bathroom Repair Tutor) answer questions.

You can post pictures of your bathroom project and get feedback.

I'm scared to start my bathroom renovation? Can you guide me?

We totally understand your fear and don’t want your project to snowball out of control.

So yes, we’ll be here to guide you through your remodel.

You can get in touch with us 2 different ways

  1. Adding a comment in the BRT Private Facebook Group
  2. Emailing us…super simple

Even if you just want to say hi, we’ll say hi back.

We’re nice guys!