Finally, An easy Online Course For Homeowners doing diy bathroom Remodels


Hi, We’re Jeff and Steve

We’ve been teaching bathroom remodeling on our YouTube channel ‘Home Repair Tutor’ for over 4 years.

Millions of homeowners around the world have watched our videos, and used our advice to renovate their homes. We believe anyone can remodel their bathroom if they have the skills (which can be learned) and patience.

And we’re here to tell you that you don’t need unlimited time, years of experience, or a garage full of tools.

For Bathroom Repair Tutor, we’ve put our years of experience into one comprehensive, step-by-step resource. Hundreds of homeowners have already been through the course and showed that it’s perfect for you if you’re just starting out…as well as to refine your core skills and techniques if you’ve done a bathroom project before.

“Instead of moving, my husband agreed to let me remodel my master bathroom. I had tiled before so I knew I could handle it. As I began my project, I had so many questions. I watched several videos on YouTube but when issues came up I didn't know where to turn. That was when I joined Bathroom Repair Tutor. When I ran into problems they answered very quickly and I was able to continue working. Thank you Jeff and Steve!”

— Diane Fernandez

After going through our course, you’ll be able to see a beautiful bathroom in a home and say to yourself, “I could totally build that myself.” You will be able to build custom bathrooms – tailored to fit your needs and preferences – the kind you’d pay someone else tens of thousands of dollars to build.

And just imagine hearing the words, “Wait you built that?” and having your family using your amazing bathroom for decades to come…and saving money in the process!

-Jeff Patterson and Steve White

Introducing Bathroom Repair Tutor

An online course that teaches homeowners how to remodel bathrooms

Bathroom Repair Tutor is the only online guide for homeowners who want to remodel a bathroom themselves with help from professionals. Videos show you step-by-step how to demo, plan and rebuild a bathroom while improving your home’s value.

We’ll cover everything from choosing the right materials, using the right tools, planning shower designs, laying out tile walls & floors, plumbing tips, and much more.

Here’s how the course works:

Bathroom Repair Tutor is an online course that introduces complete beginners to bathroom remodeling all while having professional guidance in our videos, Forum, and Private Facebook Group.

The Lessons are structured so that members follow the order in which a bathroom should be remodeled, e.g. demo, then plumbing, then bathtub installation, etc.

You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or lost, but if that happens we’ll be there to help.

“I originally came across Bathroom Repair Tutor while searching YouTube for bathroom renovation ideas. I was initially hesitant to pay to join but I am so glad I did. The instructional content taught me how to do the job correctly and gave me the confidence to take it on. Jeff and Steve were exceptionally helpful when I had questions or came across a problem. I was amazed at how fast they responded and their personal advice was invaluable.”

— Rich McVeigh

What You Get:

13 Lessons with 150 detailed videos for any skill level  

Tool tips and material suggestions that make remodeling easier

Forum and Private Facebook Group access for answering questions

Our unbeatable 30-Day Guarantee

See How To:

Demo Bathrooms

11 Videos showing how to remove anything in a bathroom

Install Bathtubs

9 Videos showing how to install a variety of different tubs in old imperfect bathrooms

Install Mixing Valves

10 Videos showing how to use copper and PEX to install different types of mixing valves and body sprays

Build Tub Surrounds

16 Videos showing how to use cement board, KERDI-BOARD, and Wedi in tub shower surrounds – including tips for showers with windows

Build Curbed or Curbless Showers

21 Videos showing how to quickly build curbed and curbless shower systems using modern materials

Tile Bathroom Floors

12 Videos showing how to plan, waterproof, heat and tile bathroom floors using standard or wood plank tiles

Tile Showers

21 Videos showing how to tile tub surrounds, shower niches, shower pans, curbed showers, and curbless showers using subway, glass mosaic, and 12×24 tile

Drywall and Electrical

16 Videos showing how to install ceilings, walls, GFCIs, lights, fans, and switches


“I'm a fairly skilled D.I.Y.'er, but the renovation of our children's bathroom was among the larger projects I've done. From the demolition, tub, tile and vanity installations Jeff and Steve were there. I felt confident in the project, but it was nice knowing they would provide that extra bit of expertise to make it a successful project that our friends envy and we are so proud of. ”

— Anthony Raynor

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Common FAQs

Why should I join Bathroom Repair Tutor?

We love the YouTube but there’s a lot of bad advice from ‘professionals’.

And here’s the deal, if you make one mistake bad mistake it can ruin your project.

We follow industry guidelines set forth by the Tile Council of North America and Certified Tile Education Foundation.

Plus any time our members have a question we promptly answer them.

Bathroom Repair Tutor is a great place to learn the right skills and get constant feedback during your bathroom remodel.

Which Membership is the best for me?

Gold Level Memberships are perfect for homeowners who want to watch our videos and don’t need feedback.

Platinum Level Memberships are for homeowners who want to watch videos, submit questions and get feedback on their project.

How do I get the videos?

When you join you’ll get a username and password in a Welcome email.

Login to Bathroom Repair Tutor from a laptop, phone, and tablet.

Then watch our videos, simple.

Can I ask questions about my project?

Yes, our new Forum is a great place to post questions and pictures of your project.