About Us

Bathroom Repair Tutor is two guys from Pittsburgh, Jeff Patterson and Steve White, who love sharing bathroom remodeling tips.

In the summer of 2014 Jeff and his wife hired Steve to install a curbless walk-in shower, something that was a bit out of Jeff’s league as a handyman. Steve took the time to explain why he chose the materials and how they all worked together.

At that time Jeff was already making tutorials over on Home Repair Tutor.

Then a lightbulb turned on!

They should work together and make video tutorials.

Well…it kind of went something like this:

Jeff: “Hey man, you’re good at what you do. Have you ever considered making videos and showing others how to do this stuff?”

Steve: “That would be cool, but I’m too busy.”

Jeff: “Would you consider collaborating? We could make the videos together.”

Steve: “Sure, that sounds good.”

And with that Jeff promptly built a workshop in his garage (he asked his wife for permission and she agreed, albeit due to the fact that she just got a new bathroom).

They worked in the evenings and weekends to make several videos on how to properly build a bathroom. Those videos were a success on YouTube and Bathroom Repair Tutor. That led to more videos at homes around Pittsburgh and as they say the rest is history.

We’re honored to help folks who watch our videos, join our courses or buy the products we sell. It’s our mission to make bathroom remodeling easier, faster, and better for homeowners and contractors. Watch the video below for a few more words from Jeff.