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Are you starting a bathroom remodel in 2018?

Maybe you have a baby on the way, just bought a new home, or simply want a new bathroom.

You’re in the right place because Bathroom Repair Tutor helps save time and money.

Our easy-to-follow videos and one-on-one support have successfully helped many homeowners transform an old bathroom into a new one while avoiding mistakes.

Our courses are online, accessible on any device, and available 24/7.

Plus our online store helps you choose the right materials and supplies for your project.

Bathroom Repair Tutor

BRT Platinum is fantastic for homeowners doing one or more complete bathroom remodels. Our step-by-step videos share how to build showers, use waterproofing, tile walls, install heated floors, and more. Plus, members can post questions and get answers in our private Facebook Group 24/7.

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Visit our online store and shop for wedi shower systems, KBRS shower pans, T-Lock Tile Leveling Systems, Montolit Tools, and more. These are all the materials we use while remodeling bathrooms.